|   F A S H I O N   | 

|   R L G F  D E S I G N   |  

|  W H A T  I S  F A S H I O N ?  |  Fashion is a statement, it goes beyond being a popular style or practice

Fashion is distinctive & constant

Fashion is the newest designer creations

Fashion is feminine

Fashion is masculine 

Fashion is androgynous

Fashion is the ever evolving way of expressing who you are

Fashion grows

Fashion fades

All you can do is;

K E E P  W A T C H I N G 

This week we will be taking a look at the launch of New York Fashion Week, bringing you highlights from the shows, new trends & the collections we are loving.

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|   T O M  F O R D   |

|  R T W  2 0 1 8  | 

Our first look at NYFW brings us to |  T O M  F O R D  |

With the likes of Gigi Hadid & Kendall Jenner gracing the catwalk there was much anticipation that his new collection would not disappoint and, we where right.

The collection has a 90's twist which sees a varied combination of sparkle, double breasted jackets, oversized knits, painted toe tips, denim, leather and, finished with classic ladylike  T O M  F O R D chic.  

This is teamed with a sophisticated yet, at times, daring colour palette set back to his signature black.

We are |  L O V I N G  | this collection, see below & enjoy.

  • 8103.jpg
  • 8102.jpg
  • 810.jpg
  • 8101.jpg
  • 8105.jpg
  • 8104.jpg
  • 8106.jpg
  • 8107.jpg
  • 8108.jpg
  • 8109.jpg
  • 81012.jpg
  • 81015.jpg
  • 81020.jpg
  • 81019.jpg
  • 81016.jpg
  • 81011.jpg
  • 81014.jpg
  • 81017.jpg
  • 81021.jpg
  • 81022.jpg
  • 81018.jpg
  • 81013.jpg
  • 81023.jpg
  • 81028.jpg
  • 81032.jpg
  • 81033.jpg
  • 81029.jpg
  • 81024.jpg
  • 81025.jpg
  • 81031.jpg
  • 81035.jpg
  • 81034.jpg
  • 81030.jpg
  • 81027.jpg
  • 81036.jpg
  • 81037.jpg
  • 81038.jpg
  • 81039.jpg

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