|   C O L O U R   | 

|   R L G F  D E S I G N   |  aims to incorporate up to date, on trend colour palettes, new colour launches and trend specific colour derived from catwalk analysis.

This vital research is then compiled into Bespoke Colour Packages.

Colour is directly linked to mood and, creating the correct colour palette is vital to a successful season.

|    What Can You Expect ?   |

Colour is a vital components of our forecasting process.

You can expect a creative process of colour presentation that sets the attitude for the season.

K E E P  W A T C H I N G  

Coming soon will be the launch of our A / W 2 0 1 8 - 1 9 Bespoke Colour Packages

The packages will be available to purchase separately or, as part of a Trend Package.

Follow the launch on our Instagram page, click  K E E P  W A T C H I N G  to be redirected.

|   A / W 2 0 1 8 - 1 9   |

P O I S O N E D  F L O R A L S 

F A L L E N  G O D D E S S 

A T  T H E  E D G E  O F  T H E  F O R E S T 

W H A T  I S  R E A L ?

L A  M U E R T E  D E L  A N G E L 

T H E  N A V I G A T O R 

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  • flower-2562674.jpg
  • autumn-2565695.jpg
  • amazing-736875.jpg
  • bricks-2606389.jpg
  • architecture-2560113.jpg
  • blueberries-926681.jpg
  • candle-2584219.jpg
  • forest-483207.jpg
  • green-2594473.jpg

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